Satellite Farmers Ltd.


Farmers and Orchards

We currently have about 100 farmers with about 60 acres of Hass avocado orchards which are 2 years old. The orchards are located at Kashate cell, Mukoni Ngoma Rushenyi Ntungamo.

In our avocado orchards, fodder for animals is grown. The types of fodder are alfalfa and chlorisgayana (rhodes grass). The aim is to encourage farmers to utilize the fodder to feed animals and get manure. This enables organic farming. We also provide Seeds for fodder: alfalfa kg is 120,000/-; kg of rhodes grass is 35,000/-

From the fodder, the farmers are able to earn income to sustain the orchards. The ready fruits from the orchards are sold by partnering with exporters.
The rejects are used for oil extraction.

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